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Never seen before photos of Andrew Kibe with 1st wife

October 07, 2021 at 09:46
Never seen before photos of Andrew Kibe with 1st wife

I know it sounds like a joke when you hear that Andrew Kibe was once a pastor, right? Well apart from that, he was also a devoted husband to one lovely lady – but like most modern marriages, his union ended in tears.

For reason, many believe that right after this marriage – Kibe changed from the man he once was; and he became – well he just became the man that we now know bitter, angry and problematic.

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Probably this is from all the pain and hurt he developed after his divorce; but come to think of it – Kibe’s ex wife must have really hurt him to a point that he even forgot the word of God he once used to preach. Women.

Andrew Kibe before alcohol and women

From the new photos shared online, it’s evident to see that Kibe was once a healthy man; with at least glowing skin which later changed thanks to alcohol and whatever else he ab/uses.

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Kibe with ex wife

His ex wife on there other hand looks like a responsible tough woman who could have made the perfect wife; but oh well, things didn’t work out as expected for the two.

Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe with ex wife




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