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Never seen before photos of the late comedian Othuol Othuol as a child

October 23, 2020 at 11:40
Never seen before photos of the late comedian Othuol Othuol as a child

The late Othuol Othuol’s family has come out to share a few never seen before photos of their late son as seen on the eulogy book shared online.

According to his father Mr Omondi, Othuol did not grow up knowing the love of by his biological mother as she walked out on them many years ago. The late comedian was however raised by his step mum who saw him like her own.

Growing up, it was no secret that this young man was intelligent but at the same time a joker who kept entertaining his friends. Life however changed for him after moving to Nairobi where he perused his career in comedy.

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Comedian Othuol Othuol

Happy but short lived life

Although Othuol Othuol brought so much joy to fans and family through his jokes; it’s quite sad to see that he passed on at a young age of 31 years.

The sad part is that his death came just a day after celebrating yet another birthday. However due to the complications caused by the tumor in his brain; the young man took his last breathe of Sunday 12th October at the Kenyatta National hospital where he had been hospitalized.

Anyway below are a few photos of the late comedian as a young boy. May his soul rest in eternal peace!

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