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New beef alert! Nyashinski tears into Willy Paul

October 16, 2018 at 07:04
New beef alert! Nyashinski tears into Willy Paul

Rapper Nyashinski has launched unprovoked attack on gospel singer Willy Paul who is still enjoying quality time in United States of America.

The whole drama started when Willy Paul took to social media and shared a photo he posed with Batman’s lookalike in New York City.

“Are you ready for a new one tonight?? If I get just 500+ comments, I will unlish it in afew minutes… type YES,” Willy Paul captioned the photo.


Nyashinski took to Instagram to mock Willy Paul for claiming that he would release a new song if he gets over 500 comments on his post (the one he posed with Batman lookalike).

“My reaction when ‘artists’ be like, “If I get 500 comments, I’ll release my next video.” ??‍♂️?,” wrote Nyashinski.






  1. I thought @RealShinski doesn’t follow anyone on social media. Probably @WillyPaulMsafi’s a force of a threat.
    I’ve got 4 words Nyash… Mind your own business.
    Last time I checked on Youtube Nyashinski’s channels’ got only 23M views while Msafi’s rolling with 40M+ views.
    When you’re doing everything right and you’re still down.. You probably need to pack and go back to the hell hole you came from.. Nobody’s retiring any time soon.

    You ain’t got nothing on Willy Paul!



  4. I am fan of both. If forced to go with one….. I choose pozee!

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