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New photo from Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol’s private wedding emerges online

October 02, 2020 at 08:00
New photo from Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol's private wedding emerges online

Anerlisa Muigai and husband Ben Pol held a low key wedding in Tanzania; and from the stories making rounds on social media we also get to understand that not all of their friends were invited.

Probably this is because they hoped to continue keeping their relationship private; but turns out not everyone present at the ceremony was as trustworthy!

Just a few moments into the wedding and guests had already started sharing blurry photos and videos from the event. I mean, how else would we have found out about the wedding without the leaked photos?

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Anerlisa and Ben Pol´s wedding reception

New photo emerges

Well, thanks to yet another Tanzanian gossip blogger, Juma Lokole; we now have yet another never seen before post from the grand private wedding,

Through his social media page, Juma went on to unveil the new photo to which he captioned saying;

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Never before seen photo from Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s wedding

Kwani awa wapo….? Kha ….. watupumzishe kidogo na ndoa Zao zisizo kwisha

Not quite sure why he opted to share the photo above months after the wedding; but so far Lokole has some information on the two – and his Tz fans can’t wait to hear it!

Anyway it is no secret that Anerlisa and her husband have chosen a life of privacy. Just when we thought they would continue parading their love after the wedding; the two decided to leave their fans hanging and so far we have nothing on their honeymoon or whether they are expecting their first child.




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