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“Niko na girlfriend Tanzania but i also want a wife in Kenya” ‘Kerewa’ hit maker Shetta opens about plan to marry multiple women

January 16, 2018 at 13:04
"Niko na girlfriend Tanzania but i also want a wife in Kenya" 'Kerewa' hit maker Shetta opens about plan to marry multiple women

Baba Kaylla is not only in Kenya to promote his music but he is also looking for a wife. The Tanzanian rapper plans to have two wives one based in Tanzania and the other in Kenya.

Shetta is in Nairobi to promote new song ‘Tamu Sana’ with Otile Brown. The two artists have been moving from one media house to another to popularize their new song.

For starters, Shetta is famous for his mega hit ‘Kerewa’ featuring Diamond Platnumz. The Tanzanian rapper is also known as ‘Baba Kaylla’.

I’m a Muslim

Shetta and Otile Brown

Shetta opened up about his plan to marry a Kenyan woman during an interview with the Star. Baba Kyalla says he wants to practice polygamy because Islam allows him.

“Hata niko Kenya natafuta bibi wa Kikenya sasa hivi. I want a beautiful girl. I love girls a lot. Sasa hivi natafuta mtu nitulie naye, coz I used to go around and mess. Nataka mwanamke Kenya, that’s it. But niko na girlfriend pia Tanzania. I’m a Muslim, nataka nikija Kenya niwe pia na bibi. Mimi ni mwanaume,” said Shetta.

I can handle women who love money

Shetta has no problem handling materialistic woman. The rapper says he can marry a woman who loves money as long as she remains faithful to him.

“I love classy ladies, sipendi wanawake fake. Most women love money, I can handle all that coz I have the money. Nahitaji mwanamke yule ambaye hawezikuenda nje, awe mwanamke anaweza kuchill. I’ve gotten a lot of DMs from Kenyan ladies. I’m not the kind of man that messes around. I can marry five to six women. Nataka msichana ambaye ametulia,” Shetta said.








  1. Melody Kwamboka : January 16, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Women love money…point on

  2. He is honest but is the one in TZ faithful with such a man…

  3. HIV is around,how will you know they are faithful

  4. Men are just men

  5. What a lifestyle

  6. Life is short,he needs to be very careful

  7. mhhhh two wives for this situation is dangerous

  8. Am free and available,, ?%

  9. Waaah…

  10. Think about it dont just rush coz u hav money….bt its upon u…think abt HIV

  11. Are you serious

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