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“Ningepewa hio matako” Akothee can’t keep calm after Anerlisa Muigai parades her keroche buttocks (Photos)

December 10, 2018 at 07:02
"Ningepewa hio matako" Akothee can't keep calm after Anerlisa Muigai parades her keroche buttocks (Photos)

Akothee was among many fans left in awe after Anerlisa Muigai took to social media to flaunt her wondrous curves and sitting allowance.

The dazzling Keroche heiress stepped out dressed in a see-through body-hugging dress which whipped the internet into a frenzy.

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Akothee was particularly impressed by Anerlisa’s buttocks, she commended the Keroche heiress saying that if she was the one with such kind of a backside men would have had such a difficult time in Kenya.

The controversial singer further said that if she wasn’t comfortable in her small booty she would have blocked her boyfriend from following Anerlisa on IG.

“If I wasn’t comfy in mu small Ass shit, I would have secretly taken my boyfriend’s phone and block and unfollow you from his end, in fear of losing him, weeee ningepewa hiyo tako hata uhunyee angejuta hii kenya deni ya wa China ingekuwa tripple, go mama do you the rest can swallow parmanganet,” wrote Akothee.

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  1. If we keep on exposing ur body to every body will there be any need of man following you,,,,let’s try make ur self human being,,,,

  2. I sympathise with Keroche because the company will die with Tabitha. Can this lady ran a multubillion business in a highly competitive environment.This gal should be spending time learning and practicing corporate leadership and governance in preparation to ran Keroche, but she is busy catwalking and stripping.

    • now way old cucu like akothe are glorifying prostitution.they are inspiring the young girls by all mean.keroche will be dead upon anerlisa take the CEO.

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