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“Nisameheni wote” Tunda apologizes to the wife of man she was cheating with after romantic video is leaked online

January 31, 2018 at 07:37
"Nisameheni wote" Tunda apologizes to the wife of man she was cheating with after romantic video is leaked online

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Tunda Sebastian’s romantic escapade with a married man has been exposed in a leaked video. The socialite has since apologized to the man’s wife and everybody in general.

It’s now clear that Tunda Sebastian is a homewrecker. Apparently Diamond and Zari’s relationship isn’t the only one she ruined after all.

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A leaked romantic video of Tunda and her sponsor has taken the internet by storm. The video shows Tunda exchanging saliva with the married man.

Forgive me please!

The socialite says the video was leaked by the married man she was dating. Tunda earnestly apologized to the man’s wife saying that it was a mistake that happened long ago.

“Okay tusikilizane kwa aya yanayoendelea!…Kwanza naomba radhi kwa watu wote kutokana na video zinazosambaa mtandaoni sielewi kwanini ameamua kufanya ivi muhusika mwenyewe lakini naomba radhi kwa watu wangu wote wenye mapenzi mema na mimi na hiyo ni mistake tu ilitokea na ilishapita kitambo naomba radhi kwakila inayemuhusu na pia nashangaa kwanini umeamua iwe hivi na wakati mimi na wewe zilishaisha tena kwa Amani kabisa bila ugomvi wowote!..Sio muda wa kulaumu tena nisameheni wote inayowahusu nisamehe Mke wa muhusika na kila mtu inayomuhusu japo ni vitu vilishapita!…Ombi langu pia kwa Muhusika ukiamua achia mpaka na msg tulizokuaga tunachati kabisa aya mambo yapite kimoja maana labda una maana yako kichwani kufanya ulichofanya!…Narudia tena nisamehewe nimejifunza kutokana na makosa,” wrote Tunda Sebastian.

Watch the video below:


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  1. Let me tell you something frist of all look at this girl attitude she’s supposed be in school where is her parents???? She’s a bitch mother fuck like her mother sitting there thinking been a famous ruling people Married this is crazy she is a NASTY bitch go have sex with your father too for money

  2. Think you are Kim Kardashian bitch

  3. This child is having affairs with old men,unbelievable

  4. This man is too old

  5. I saw the video and couldn’t believe it,what a shame

  6. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.i knew something was wrong with that tiny thing…..she,s too lose…doesnt tanzania have a detention center for young whores that should be in school like Tunda…[email protected] President Magufuli tusaidie plssssss

  7. Meghan The 3rd : January 31, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    this is staged, wooooiii this low life social climber is just seeking scandals and lies to catapult her to fame. but in a world full of kim kardashians, why not. her next move is to leak a sex tape and act sorry….pure trash

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  9. Huyu dem ni malaya sana…..!

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