NTV Swahili news anchor Jane Ngoiri: My son is addicted to my tablet 

August 31, 2018 at 07:54
NTV Swahili news anchor Jane Ngoiri: My son is addicted to my tablet 

Kids of this generation know nothing else other than phones, tablets and PlayStations. Gone are the days when kids used to be eager to go out to play, ride bike, hunt birds and enjoy nature.

NTV’s Swahili news anchor Jane Ngoiri has come out to air her concerns after noticing her son Amir is addicted to her tablet and always gets angry when it’s taken away.

She took to social media to share this asking how she can stop his addiction since it’s getting out of line now.


“Now I would put cartoons for Amir on the tab… but now no more tab or phone until further notice. Talk of addiction… waking up and straight away looking for the tab and crying… how do you strike the balance?” she asked.

Jane’s son in past photo



Fans posted their suggestions on how she can stop the addictions giving her alternatives of how she can bring other fun things to his life.

“Avoid too much of those gadgets. Create a rhythm of the day and eventually it will stick in the child’s mind. Let the child use his limbs through playing. Touch the child’s feelings through stories ,songs and poems and you will see a change. Minimize TV watching and use of phones and computers. Read a story to the child everyday before they sleep and that rhythm will never fail you.” said a fan.

“I have the same issue with my 16 month old. The tantrums afterwards and the addictive behaviour have made me stop giving him my phone or tablet. That said I am aware we can’t completely forbid these gadgets but I think especially for the younger kids they really do not add value as such.”added another. 





  1. Keep it away, this will have effects soon

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