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Ochungulo family aping the Kansoul?

August 20, 2019 at 08:35
Ochungulo family aping the Kansoul?

New age music has gained it popularity in recent months and so far it has been well received.Further more groups keep cropping up on a daily basis.

On the other hand there are those that have clearly acquired their niche in the Kenyan Music industry. I am talking about the likes of Ochungulo Family.

The Kaa na mama yako hit makers are a team to watch  out for. Why? This is because they have done so well.

However for some time I have noticed similarity between their music and that of the Kansoul.

…Aping the Kansoul?

The genge masters, the Kansoul are definitely a force to reckon with.They even have been a support system for these young lads.

Ochungulo family have enjoyed the chance of collaboration with the Kansoul in some of their songs like, Na Iwake remix. A song that geared their popularity in the Kenyan Music scene. For that we appreciate the talent  of the team.

However, since then if you are keen enough you would   notice the similarity between the Kansoul’s music and Ochungulo family.

Not hating but their style is quite similar, to the extent that at some point as you listen to Nellythegoon’s style of rap you would easily mistake him for Mejja.

Their beats too seem to lean to the Kansoul’s style of making music.

To make matters more interesting in their latest song Kong’o video, their way they did it is so typical a style by The Kansoul.

Having Tumblers filled with booze as props and so on this is a complete replica of what the genge  boys do.

So I will ask again is Ochungulo family aping the Kansoul?Well you guess is good as mine. Yes I feel they are.

Clearly that is not so good especially for a now celebrated crop of musicians.






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