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Omar Lali painfully recalls facing open rejection from Tecra Muigai’ s mother for his strange looks

September 28, 2020 at 13:40
Omar Lali painfully recalls facing open rejection from Tecra Muigai’ s mother for his strange looks

Tecra Muigai and Omar Lali were apparently set to have their wedding vows barely a month away, before her fatal fall but the scandals their love life cost them is one he remains to tell.

In a recent exclusive by KTN News, Mr Omar described his late Tecra as the best person he had ever met in life. A beautiful soul who interestingly had a fear of the world, would fear things both big and small, animals and people, basically everything apart from him.

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Sweetly recalling how a dear Tecra would clinch onto him whenever they were in public places, because she just did not love people. And whenever the billionaire heiress would walk on the streets alone, she would always look behind her and stop whenever she suspected malicious people following her.

Tecra Muigai and Omar Lali

However, after spending days, weeks and months together, Omar Lali slowly managed to change Tecra’s weird behavior.

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Omars reception by Tecras family

The two had even visited Tecra’s home in Naivasha to introduce her boyfriend, Omar Lali to her parents, for the first time. 

Tecra Muigai and Omar Lali

Unfortunately, unlike what her heart felt for the roughly 50-year old, Tecra’s parents were not welcoming of this love affair. Omar described how Tecra’s mom, Tabitha Karanja gave him a hard time, only to come across her daughter’s photos with him and immediately call him Al-Shabaab and a beach boy.

But Omar took it on a light note, owing to the fact that Tabitha was elderly and he was open to forgive. That right there, was the start of a rough journey for him and lover, Tecra.

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Marriage proposal and scheduled wedding

It so happens that both Lalis and Tecras families had met and had a sit down on the way forward regards the lovebirds wedding and happily ever after.

Lovers, Tecra Karanja and Omar Lali

This is after the aging Lamu native went down on his knee for his youthful to-be-wife, Tecra at a beautiful waterfall, months after they met in June 6, 2019.

Unfortunately, dreams that never came to pass and ambitions that were shattered on May 2, 2020 when Tecra succumbed to injuries sustained. Have a listen;




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