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Omosh reveals how his begging stunt has improved relationship between his two wives

July 02, 2021 at 14:05
Omosh reveals how his begging stunt has improved relationship between his two wives

Former actor Omosh aka Joseph Kinuthia already asked fans for forgiveness; and truth is, it’s time to let go rather than crucify a man; who we all know is in need of help especially due to his a*******n.

Speaking during a recent interview, Omosh apologized for his begging free stunt; adding that his actions were done on a light note and were not meant to anger Kenyans.

Omosh’s parents

Have you ever done something and wondered, ‘why did I do that?’ You even go ahead and h**e yourself for doing it. You do something and feel ‘Oh my God, I wish I never did it?’ Reason being? I knew I had annoyed Kenyans. You do something, but you don’t think it would annoy anyone. I never thought Kenyans would get that angry; I thought they would take Omosh as a joker.

However things did not work out as planned as Omosh ended up getting backlash and insults from Kenyans.

Grateful for the positive outcome

Despite all the drama, Omosh says there was a positive outcome from his actions. How?

Apparently his wives got to sit him down after his begging spree; and for the first time the two got to agree on something. From what Omosh says is that they both expressed their disappointment in him for begging and not consulting them first. He said,

They were wondering why I went to beg, again, on national television without informing them of what I’d say in the interview. Even my friends were taken aback by the now-misunderstood message.

However having learnt his lesson the hard way, Omosh now says that his relationship with his wives has improved; and unlike before, the three get to agree on something it’s done – which shows growth. He went on to add;

Omosh with one of his wives

Right now we are okay. I have learnt to consult them and listen to their advice

And I guess this is why he will be joining a r***b center this weekend.




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