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Othuol Othuol discharged from hospital!

July 07, 2020 at 15:30
Othuol Othuol discharged from hospital!

Othuol Othuol was discharged from hospital on Monday, 6 July as directed by doctors. This was announced by Ken Waudo; who is the chairman of the comedian Society of Kenya.

According to Ken Waudo Othuol will have to receive his treatment from home to avoid exposing him to more danger; especially with the on going COVID 19 pandemic.

Speaking to popular news outlet, Waudo went on to add that Othuol is more safe at home than having him at a crowded ward at the hospital. He opened up saying;

Othuol Othuol discharged

Othuol Othuol is not out of danger, actually the precaution is that the nursing can be taken care from home given hospitals are on high risk level for other infections at this time of the pandemic.

In need of prayers!

Waudo went on to add that Othuol will be undergoing physical therapy for 3 days in the next 6 months; hoping that his health improves in due time.

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Ken however did not reveal whether Othuol will be undergoing surgery to treat the infection in his brain; or whether he was given medication to help clear the infection from home.

He will still be attending physical hospital sessions every 3 days for the next 6 months. So ideally he’s still hospitalized but nursing from home.

Comedian Othuol recuperating in hospital

However not to forget, the spokesman went on to remind fans and friends to remember Othuol in their prayers – and also stand in for him in terms of support.

He still needs our support and prayers so much more that ever before.

After the death of Kasee, Kenyans now remain woke on the tough situations some of these comedians face before meeting their deaths. So far many regret not helping the late Njenga Mswahili who begged for help before meeting his untimely death back in 2019.

The late Kasee is also believed to have undergone the same; however Kenyans now seem ready to help wherever they can to help these young talents from going to waste.




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