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Otile Brown forced to blast female fan still abusing him long after Vera’s drama calmed down

November 06, 2018 at 10:29
Otile Brown forced to blast female fan still abusing him long after Vera's drama calmed down

Singer Otile Brown recently had to fire back at a fan who was on his neck calling him out for begging money and dumping Vera Sidika.

The drama, which happened almost weeks ago, has finally calmed downed but the bitter fan still wouldn’t let Otile enjoy his brand new Mercedes Benz in peace.

The fan, identified as Samantha Chilante, blasted the singer saying Vera’s fans helped him reach 1 million views on YouTube. She then went on a rant calling the singer stupid and dumb.

They were only appreciating Queen Vee in this song… Don’t even feel that you were too dumb to have mistreated her n used her that way yet her featuring in this song has always pivoted you…???…you boy kukosa masomo elimu bora balaa….ona sasa your song depends on the queen for you to get mafans,” wrote the fan.


Otile fired back saying that it’s about time she moves on since he’s already past that. He asked her to unfollow his page if she felt disgusted.

@samanthachilante you and your queen issues. Me am way gone dear. It’s simple just unfollow if I disgust you or I’ll do you a favour of blocking your ass,” said Otile.




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