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Papa Dennis: Why are people worried about where I get my money?

February 09, 2018 at 10:26
Papa Dennis: Why are people worried about where I get my money?

Young gospel singer Papa Dennis has disclosed the amount of money he has in his bank account. This has however raised eyebrows as it’s not clear how his music career has managed to raise 50 million with the few years he has been in the music industry.

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Speaking during an interview with Pulse, Papa Dennis revealed that people have no reason to question where he gets his money from.

According to him, he has always worked hard to get where he is and for this reason, people should focus on other things. He said;

“Why should money be such a big talk? I mean, money is just but a means to a cause.”

Sh 50 million is loose change

He went on to compare his wealth to that of Davido and other musicians who have made it big in the industry.

Papa Dennis also adds that Ksh 50 million should not be a big deal since 19 year olds footballers in England make that amount in a week.

“I don’t think Sh50 million is cash we should be discussing as this could even be loose change to a 19-year-old footballer playing in the English Premier League. The cash I have is just like that Davido and the rest of the musicians have. No big deal,”






  1. Yeah…thez ths much in ua account bt its nt uas bro… Ni za Sadat Muindi. U just a puppet.! Ask Sarkozi atakwambia.!

  2. pretender

  3. people must know the source of your wealth or else we assume you are doing dirty business

  4. are you really that wealthy?

  5. lies

  6. Papa Dennis just do your things people here are just jealous. Lets continue to make money and drive big rides as they talk.

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