“Pastor mgani anataka mbaka matako” PCEA pastor exposed on WhatsApp group after he did one stupid mistake no man should ever do

March 13, 2018 at 10:44
"Pastor mgani anataka mbaka matako" PCEA pastor exposed on WhatsApp group after he did one stupid mistake no man should ever do

The predicament of Mwea preacher rekindles memories of Bro Ocholla. The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) pastor was exposed in WhatsApp group after he did a really stupid mistake.

Bro Ocholla made waves when he sent a wrong text on Embakasi Prayercell WhatsApp group. He was describing how he would chew a sister in his text.

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Same fate

A pastor from PCEA Mwea has suffered a similar fate like bro Ocholla. The pastor banged a church member at a lodging and did a stupid mistake of not giving her fare.

The lady was totally vexed by the pastor’s stinginess and she decided to expose their illicit affair on church WhatsApp group.






  1. end times

  2. pastors wa siku hizi

  3. aibu sana

  4. shame shame

  5. We don’t have 2 trust all that is said as gospel truth. Mengine ni porojo yawa.

  6. There are no Pastors in PCEA , they are all reverends, secondly MWEA is in central province, none of these names suggest so, My two sense, this is a doctored chat

  7. Hahaha! GOD have mercy

  8. Ahhh…How the Pastors take care of their flock…..

  9. Ahh…Lucifer is really making it to the top. Can we please take care.

  10. ?????????????wawawa eti????

  11. Francis Friday Opiyo : March 14, 2018 at 1:28 am

    In dz world jst trust only God… pastor wa sai wanatafuta dooh pekee yake. Mungu ana huruma

  12. Francis Bwonyambu : March 14, 2018 at 3:28 am

    Kazi ya sadaka. That is how Satan operates. He guides the wicked to his dark chambers. When deep rooted in him he exposes his victims to deadly storms where coming out is impossible.

  13. Names without telephone numbers? I think that is a WhatsApp group from dreamland.
    Only babies can believe this kind of gutter news

  14. All I know is the PCEA Revs do not carry offerings with them. They do not get in contact with offerings as per the church constitution.

  15. ?????????end times

  16. Group messages with blue ticks?

  17. lucas burries the hatchet

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