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Photo of Maureen Waititu with unknown man leaves fans excited

October 23, 2020 at 14:14
maureen waititu

Maureen Waititu has been maintaining a low profile for the past few weeks. This could have been caused by the fact that she was allegedly kicked out from the Westland’s home; owned by Frankie Just Gym It’s mum.

Rumor has it that the lady was ambushed by Frankie’s mum and brother who kicked her out with her two boys; forgetting that the kids would suffer thanks to the ex couples mistakes.

We can however not confirm this as Maureen Waititu continues to remain silent on the matter; but if this is true, come on – just when she renovated the home?

Ms Maureen Waititu and sons eating life with a big spoon

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New lover, friend or brother?

Anyway away from that, the mother of two has given fans a reason to talk after sharing a couple of photos; showing how her son’s birthday went down.

However, seems like most of her followers were more interested in the last picture; showing a happy Maureen Waititu holding hands with a certain unknown man.

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From the smile on Maureen’s face, it’s only fair to assume that the joke she was told was either too funny; or the person holding her hand already knew how to make her happy. Not quite sure who the man seen on the photo is; and since Maureen Waititu is an only child then I guess we have to cross out brother. So could he be the anointed one for Miss Maureen?

Maureen Waititu with unknown fella






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