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Photos of Bahati performing for half [email protected] women at a nightclub spark divided opinions

January 14, 2019 at 07:48
Photos of Bahati performing for half nak@d women at a nightclub spark divided opinions

Should gospel artistes perform at nightclubs or not? This is the question that has sparked a heated debate on social media after photos of Bahati performing for women dressed in skimpy outfits surfaced online.

Gospel artistes have always come under sharp criticisms whenever they are seen performing at nightclubs. Willy Paul in particular has a knack of making appearances at nightclubs.

Some argue that gospel musicians perform at nightclubs because their music is meant to inspire revelers to somehow change and give their lives to Christ.

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Ratchet performance

Bahati’s performance at a nightclub could be easily mistaken for a scene at Sabina Joy, if you get the drift. Dancers twerked on stage as the gospel singer and his cronies performed.

Some people condemned Bahati when the photos from his club performance leaked online, whereas others simply defended the singer.

See the photos below:






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