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President Uhuru’s relative hits P unit member’s car and refuses to pay, exchange blows

April 10, 2018 at 07:03
President Uhuru's relative hits P unit member's car and refuses to pay, exchange blows

A third of popular music group P unit, Bon-eye, was recently forced to pull his sleeves up and attack a man who had hit his car and then went on to flatly deny paying for the damages because he’s related to president Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to The Star Newspaper, Bon-eye was at a restaurant along Kiambu Road and a cousin to Kiambu Woman Rep Nyokabi Gathecha(who is relative to Uhuru), identified as Joe Nyaga, drove in the joint and hit his Volvo 4×4 with his Toyota Ipsum then refused to pay.

“I was seated inside the restaurant when a taxi guy came and informed me that someone had hit my car. I exited to check and found that it was true. When I requested the individual [Joe] for us to have an agreement on how best he will compensate he refused,”  Bon-Eye said.

Refused to share his name and details

Bon-Eye went on to add that Nyaga totally refused to share his details insisting that the singer should first know who he was dealing with.  He pulled rank and asked Bon-Eye, “Do you know who I am?” which led to a shouting match that later turned physical.

In the end, Bon-Eye overpowered him, forced him to give him his details and agree to pay for the damages.

“I expect him to cover the costs of the repair. I will take my car to my mechanic and send him the bill,” the musician said. 







  1. this Uhuru’s clan are all stupid Silly cursed thieves..

  2. Do you know who i am..??? has been the order of the day for the elites..!!

  3. Ha ha.Bon eye discipline watu hata wawe nani.You did well

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