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Publicity hungry Bey T finally drops Tanasha’s diss track. You should listen to this if you love Tanasha

May 15, 2019 at 08:41
Publicity hungry Bey T finally drops Tanasha's diss track. You should listen to this if you love Tanasha

Tanasha Donna has added yet another enemy to the long list of those who hate her after she started dating singer Diamond Platnumz.

Tanasha, who has enemies all over starting with women Diamond has dated and dumped to just typical haters, is now being attacked by Bey T, an upcoming artist who recently claimed Tanasha stole her catch phrase.

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Catch Phrase

As weak as that allegation was, Bey T is not playing around and wants her “Kenya to the world” catch phrase back. The upcoming singer has now punished Tanasha with a diss track dubbed “Don to the donna”.

In the track, Bey T claims the reason why Natasha is doing better music wise is because she sleeps around… and of course because she has Diamond now.

“Someone tell Tanasha Donna to stop wave riding. The only thing you got on me is p*ssy mileage,” she posted. 

Listen to the song below:




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  2. Delusional rapper alert!Her stunt has gotten her attention just what the stunt was for.But I swear,some beef is childish.

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