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Raj has teamed up with AD Family and Alu Vee on ‘One’ and it’s totally amazing (Audio)

September 21, 2019 at 06:01
Raj has teamed up with AD Family and Alu Vee on 'One' and it's totally amazing (Audio)

Kenyan rapper Rajiv Okemwa, better known as Raj, has dropped a new joint alongside AD Family and Alu Vee and it slaps really hard.

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The song dubbed One is the is the sixth record off his Bae Tuesday weekly series where he drops a new jam every Tuesday from August until December.

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As the title suggests, this song is about being picked by a lady as the one i.e. a destined life partner who will stick with her come what may.

Alu Vee

Alu Vee

All the artists who were featured on this song really came through. I, however, feel that Alu Vee’s verse outshone the rest. He really brought his A-game but maybe it’s just me.

His verse goes like, “Nambari moja bila shaka, me nasaka tena me napata, gang gang gang me ni kama Zlatan, all red boy me ni lion hapa, five course meal but you just starter…”

As you would expect, Boutross also had some great punchlines on this jam perhaps this explains why he was given the opening verse.

The other thing that struck me is the subtle beat. If you follow it as the artists flow, you’ll definitely enjoy this jam.

Listen to One below and tell us what you think.




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