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Reekado Banks ‘Put In Pressure’ is all about a dance party

November 30, 2019 at 09:04
Reekado Banks 'Put In Pressure' is all about a dance party

Celebrated Nigerian singer Reekado banks now taking their airwaves with his new jam Put In Pressure. Reekado Banks has it when it comes to music.

Reekado Banks’ new single, Put In Pressure is an automatic invite to a dance party. The song which taps the catchy up-tempo rhythm dominant on the streets of Lagos. It is a follow-up to his numbers-racking smash, Rora and the second single from his upcoming sophomore album.

Put In Pressure is aimed at letting loose during a dance party

The festive season is almost upon us and Put In Pressure is the ultimate soundtrack for all things celebration.

Though he managed to do a collaboration with Mbosso, he still has to put more efforts to get into the Kenyan market.

Reekado Banks new hit,  Put In Pressure is more of a love song that is calming his lover and how it has been developed is one great thing.

Reekado Banks 'Put In Pressure' is all about a dance party

First, going by the video and the sound, you realise that he really invested his time and resources. Put In Pressure video has a perfect theme and the vixens did well too.

Put In Pressure though mostly performed in a foreign language but the message is so clear from the words baby and Love.

To add on, Reekado Banks is talking to a lovely lady by the name Olami. There is a line where he tells her he does not like trouble and she should relax.

We might not get all the words and lyrics clearly in Put In Pressure, but one for sure is that he is all about love. Looking at the way Nigerian artistes do their songs, it is clear they always have their audiences in mind. By this they ensure they please them.

In conclusion, there was creativity in the whole song and more so as it is a celebration dance. Reekado Banks is inviting people for a dance-filled with love. Put In Pressure gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.





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