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Wedding bells? Victoria Kimani publicly admits she would marry Redsan (Video)

July 02, 2020 at 08:50
Wedding bells? Victoria Kimani publicly admits she would marry Redsan (Video)

AFRIMMA award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani has time and again labeled her dating life as horrible, forcing her to remain single and not searching, for a long while now.

The Kenyan-American singer-songwriter has previously admitted that her past serious relationship saw her date a pathological cheater who would ever lie about being being faithful to only her.

This seemingly crushed her to bits to the extent she no longer believed true love is existent.

Award-winning singer, Victoria Kimani

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In her recent interview with NRG radio, the Nigerian-based artist openly confessed that she last went on a romantic date a good 11 months back but she hardly seemed bothered by any of that.

(My dating life has been) Horrible! I don’t know why I’m talking crap as if I’m dating. I’m not dating anybody, nobody. The last time I went on a date was in September 2019. I’m okay.

Victoria Kimani

However, on a light note, the Afropop singer admitted she would have s*x with Wizkid but marry Redsan – reason being, if one decides to marry, then they better marry from ‘home’.

Kill AKA, smash Wizkid, marry Redsan. Homegrown! You’ve gotta marry from home, like people from home, you know.

Victoria Kimani and Redsan


Unknown to many, Victoria Kimani’s dad is a pastor here in Kenya and a PhD holder but Vicky believes that if her dad indeed believed in her talent as a singer, then he should let her be.

I think at the end of the day, my dad is also a creative and he´ll respect the art of what I do.

Singer-songwriter, Victoria Kimani

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Additionally, it turns out her mom inspired her fashion sense since way back as a kid and had it inculcated in the 34-year old artist, till date.

Victoria Kimani with her mom

However, the American-born singer clarified that despite how flashy her life might seem, they were never rich when growing up.

As far as fashion is concerned, I get all these ideas from my mom. I won’t say she likes everything that I wear. We weren’t rich, my mom just knew how to put things together.




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