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Safaricom’s new voice biometric system helps customers get through to customer care agents within 20 seconds

December 14, 2017 at 12:54
Safaricom's new voice biometric system helps customers get through to customer care agents within 20 seconds

Gone are the days when you would be taken through painstaking verification process when calling customer care. Unlocking M-Pesa pin will now be done by your voice alone without someone asking you ‘maswali za clinic’.

Safaricom has introduced voice biometric system that will help customers get through to customer care agents within 20 seconds.

The voice biometric system dubbed ‘Jitambulishe’ allow customers to access Safaricom services through a faster and less intrusive vetting process.

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Customers are required to call Safaricom customer care to register their voices to start enjoying the new service. Once your voice is registered by Safaricom, next time you call customer care when you have a query, your per-recorded voice print will then be able to do SIM swaps, unlock M-PESA PIN and PUK requests.

This process will be VERY first compared to yesteryears when customers had to wait when calling customer care.  Voice biometric system is all about efficiency.

Voice biometric system reduces fraud

Safaricom also aims at at reducing fraud and to assist its customers reduce cases of identity theft through the voice biometric system.

Voice biometrics technology recognizes a person by their voice thus eliminates the need to use PINs, passwords and security questions to log in to consumer devices, call centers, mobile apps, and websites.

Voice biometric system is safe and convenient to customers, it’s the best solution Safaricom has come up to help improve service delivery to its customers through customer care.

Dial 100,200,234 and experience Safaricom’s voice biometric system today! Corporate customers are exempt from the service.




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  1. This is a great step for security

  2. I called customer care and i heard this notification but i hang up, i think its a good move

  3. Amazing feature, its a win Safaricom

  4. An impressive application which should also be used to trace stolen phones

  5. Now, what happens when you get a sore throat?

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