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Seska (Ethic) back this time with Dmore on ‘Nyonya’

October 28, 2019 at 15:31
Seska (Ethic) back this time with Dmore on 'Nyonya'

Seska is back with a new gang for a new hit Nyonya. Dmore has brought out the best in his new gang as he unveils his new jam.

As we all know, the kind of music this guys do will leave one wishing they did not listen to them. Nyonya is a swahili word and I doubt if many people appreciate it. To start with, the quartet are always known for their songs mostly talking about women.

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To start with, we look back at what Dmore who is allied to Ochungulo Family does. In this case he is all creative and just like he is doing in his official gang.

Seska (Ethic) back this time with Dmore on 'Nyonya'

Nyonya is just a collaboration of the old gangs and their themes

Ignoring the fact that the groups are doing the same thing, this song is a perfect example of trash. You must be wondering why I am referring to them as trash. First, this is not music as serious producers in music would say. Where on earth does one keep repeating whatever they sang.

Also, allow me to say there is no creativity as we can see the idea of a group dance still being repeated. At least for once they should have given us a new feel of this jam.

To add on, the team has nothing new as this jam Nyonya seeks to speak about a woman and what she is expected today. This is gross and not ready for consumption.

Seska (Ethic) back this time with Dmore on 'Nyonya'

Although there is no message in Nyonya, Seska just like he does in Ethic, has delivered his lines here in the best way possible. His energy is for sure unmatched as he and Dmore explore the music scene.

In addition to the topic, we also focus on the relevance of this jam by Seska and Dmore as the main. It is only relevant to those in the city. This is because they understand the language of Sheng’ as they are using it daily.

In conclusion, Nyonya by Dmore, Seska and teams gets a rating of 5/10.

Video beloew.





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