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Shaffie Weru Set To Sue Radio Africa Group For Unfair Termination Of Employment Services

March 30, 2021 at 19:59
Shaffie Weru Set To Sue Radio Africa Group For Unfair Termination Of Employment Services

After the sacking of media personality Shaffie Weru and his workmates Neville and Dj Joe Mfalme, most people are having the debate on whether it was a fair way of treating the three. Most female celebrities shunned the comments of the three and said that firing them acted as an example to all other men who try to justify gender-based violence and rape. This happened after Shaffie Weru, Neville and Mfalme commented on the story of Eunice. Additionally, more and more women opened up on their experiences while under men’s protection. Socialite Bridget Achieng was one of those who claimed she experienced rape while under gospel artist Ringtone.

Shaffie Weru has now taken action after being fired by Homeboyz radio management. The radio presenter is set to meet those involved in court.

The management had previously opted to suspend Shaffie and his counterparts but they later made the decision to sack them. East African Breweries Limited also suspended advertising with Radio Africa Group after the incident.

The past few days have had the spotlight on the saga. More and more people are contributing their opinion on how they really feel about the incident. There’s absolutely more of this to come.





  1. ego na kiburi ita hurt shaffie, he’s already aggravated his audience,society,sponsors,employer n now he’s taking this “outside”(to the courys)..the advocates have nutin to loose but all to gain from the his desire to get even..enw shaffiee is well off financially maybe this is for getting even n salvaging his reputation.

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