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‘She loved eating more than anything else’ Lulu Diva’s mother shares ’embarrassing’ secrets of her childhood 

January 03, 2019 at 07:45
'She loved eating more than anything else' Lulu Diva's mother shares 'embarrassing' secrets of her childhood 

Tanzanian eye candy Lulu Diva might love music now but while growing up, she loved something totally different.

According to her mother who spoke to a popular newspaper in the country, Lulu loved eating more than studying.


Lulu’s mother told the newspaper that she used to eat her food even before lunch, a thing that used to annoy her greatly because she would return home after finishing her food.

“Huyu Lulu alinisumbua sana, hu­wezi kuamini alikuwa anapenda kula kuliko masomo, nilikuwa nikimuan­dalia ‘paseli’ ya chakula kwa ajili ya kula ikifika mapumziko shuleni lakini cha kushangaza yeye alikuwa akila kabla na kikiisha anarudi nyumbani.” she said. 

Fast forward 20 or so years later, Lulu has become a mega star in Bong and her music is doing well even in Kenya. I guess she stopped focusing on food and focused on music.






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