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Shock as man buries his father with 790,000 shillings in cash filled in the coffin (Photos)

January 25, 2018 at 15:32
Shock as man buries his father with 790,000 shillings in cash filled in the coffin (Photos)

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A beloved son decided to bury his father with thousands in cash for him to use in afterlife. The deceased was covered with cash which was filled in the coffin.

Ivan Ssemwanga’s funeral made headlines after members of Rich Gang crew threw money in his grave. Ivan’s burial is nothing compared to a funeral in Malaysia.

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A Malaysian man has attracted global attention after he accorded his father a glorious big-budget sendoff. The burial in Selangor, near Kuala Lumpur caused a stir as the corpse was covered with cash.

790,000 in small bills

The man used Kes 790,000 in small bills so that it could fill the entire coffin. The deceased was buried at a cemetery without any security measure taken to deter tomb raiders.

It was heard that the deceased had suffered from numerous illnesses before passing away. The unnamed man reportedly filled his deceased father ‘s coffin with cash as a way of repaying his dad.

The man is said to offer food, clothing and money when worshiping ancestors. However it was the first time he paid his respects by filling a coffin with cash.



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  1. Someone will dig up the grave for the money

  2. It’s just a waste of money

  3. He should have used the money when he was still alive

  4. I wonder why people do such things

  5. That’s too much cash going to waste

  6. I wish it was here in Kenya.

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