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Si uko na wako na haumuweki! Fans attack Avril after she posted Jacque Maribe’s son on social media 

October 11, 2018 at 09:25
Si uko na wako na haumuweki! Fans attack Avril after she posted Jacque Maribe's son on social media 

A section of Kenyans was not happy with singer Avril after she posted Jacque Maribe’s son on her Instagram page yet she hasn’t been posting her baby.

A photo shared by Eric Omondi on his social media account to show support for Maribe after she was sent to Langata Women Prison has been doing rounds on social media.


According to fans, Avril shouldn’t post the photo because the young boy is not connected to the on going case. Also, because she doesn’t post her’s she should refrain from posting other people’s kids on her page.

Here are some of the comments:

Ruby: Ni wapi huyo mtoto amehusika kumuua up my dear.Niko na uhakika hata huyo Monica huenda yuko na scandal zake alizoenda nazo kaburini kushinda hii.Alikuwa anafanya nini na fiance wa wenyewe.Simurudii yeyote kwa mauwaji lakini mwache huyu malaika nje ya hayo.

Luccie: Pull this down if you could not go support her in court! Fake friend

Imma: @theavieway put yourself in Jackie’s shoes, would you be happy if someone else posted a pic of your lovely son on social media, without your consent, when you are at your worst moment? When you so much wish you could hold him or spend some quality time with him, but you can’t because you found yourself in a compromising situation that has left you behind bars. Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you. When you post anything people will comment and not everyone has good vibes, some will comment with harsh words living you feeling sorry or even worse. I believe God is in control?

Judith: Why are you posting this kid, these Kenyan celebrities wako down sana, post your babies, kwanza wewe mwenyewe unaficha wako, usituletee….so disgusting

Kari: @theavieway this pic is very inappropriate. You claim privacy for your child and want to expose someone else’s child while pretending to be showing sympathy. Very hypocritical behaviour especially from a celebrity mom. Know better, do better.

Emmy: This one is quick to post another woman’s child na wake ako busy protecting from Social media, pull this pic down woman with all due respect

Lee: Don’t post another persons child without consent from the mother .Its violating the child’s right and the mother did not give consent considering all the turmoil going on around her. Celebrity or not its not right!..who told you showing the agony of the child to the world helps the child or the mother.

Rexy: Seriously Avril….. No one has the right to start circulating the kids pic.. He is not involved in this




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