Size 8: My husband has never cheated on me

February 21, 2019 at 10:07
Size 8: My husband has never cheated on me

Singer Size 8 has come out deny that her hubby DJ Mo has been in other several cookie jars even after the two exchanged vows.

Speaking on Radio Jambo, Size 8 shot down swirling rumors that DJ MO has been a serial cheater since they became a couple 6 years ago.

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Size 8 said that Mo cheating on her are just petty rumours being pushed around by idle Kenyans.

“It’s not true. my husband has never stepped out of our marriage. those are just rumors from people,” she said. 


Size 8 was among artists who vehemently defended gospel singers Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat after their threesome saga. Though DJ Mo chose to stay away, Size 8 was forced to also take back her support after Kenyans attacked her.

In the interview, the singer also confessed that switching to gospel was a huge risk for her but she decided to do it anyway.

“Getting saved was a danger to my job as an artiste because my fans were not used to my gospel songs. i locked myself up in the house for at least two weeks because i thought i was the queen of sin,” she posted. 



  1. She should ask me if her husband has never cheated on her lol..stop faking perfection

  2. Stop cheating and pretending. Say you have never caught him cheating but the fact is you will be healthy and peaceful by maintaining your trust in him.

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