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Size 8 responds days after being compared to Vera Sidika

January 17, 2018 at 17:44
Size 8 responds days after being compared to Vera Sidika

DK MO’s wife has definitely been reading what blogs write not forgetting the comments her fans leave under her page. A few days ago, her fans couldn’t help but compare her to Vera Sidika after she appeared looking unreal thanks to her make up.

Having found herself a new make up artist, Size 8 lately steps out looking like a doll. Of course the make up is done well but fans can’t stand the fact that she uses a lot making her appear unreal.

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For this reason most went on to say that she looks like an Asian woman while others compared her to Sidika. However the mum of 1 has responded to the critics in a new post.

Size 8 responds after she was trolled

In a new year photo where she looks more like an Asian woman, Size 8 prides in her make up and goes on to talk about Jesus too. She says,

“Young ladies you can do your make up look good enjoy life positively all in christ Jesus. In Christ there’s Divine inner beauty altogether in joy that the world will never give you……….. don’t shy away from salvation that is giving your life to Christ Jesus because you are afraid utaka vibaya love you all,”

Well, there is no harm in making yourself look good.





  1. But the make up is too much

  2. How would some ladies look without makeup?

  3. She is right? slay in Christ

  4. Its very possible infact

  5. Ati Vera Sidika

  6. Remember you are talking about someone’s mother and wife.The makeup is too much.

  7. Manze!Now christ on make up tena. I think Jesus has written a new bible

  8. Any thing that will make me look way it gives a plastic look

  9. Just another talking point in town. Nice nice

  10. When God blesses where is the Dingdong guys style up,train up and then catch up,kudos,dear size 8

  11. Don’t you look nice
    Don’t you look amazing
    That confidence when you know you slay it all in Christ
    Congratulations to your new make up artist
    Bringing the best look out of you
    Haters close your eyes

  12. Well size8 may you live long this world has lots of people who their work is to think of you.Iknow your ambitious womancountinue serving God… the devil is always at work

  13. Jesus anakujia wapi kwa Make up….nkt msichezee mungu

    • Exactly. Why interfere with Gods beauty for some earthly fake beauties. Ama unatoaungu makosa nkt. Size 8/anakaa kama slay queen

  14. Be your self mama wambui…i dont see need of sugarcoating your look good when natural

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