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Socialite Amber Ray forced to respond after strange photo of her practicing witchcraft resurfaces

October 21, 2020 at 13:47
Socialite Amber Ray forced to respond after strange photo of her practicing witchcraft resurfaces

City socialite Amber Ray born Faith Makau has found herself at a tight spot after a photo of her practicing witchcraft in a strange location surfaced.

The 27-year old, famous for her in-and-out love affairs that never seem to last, but still able to maintain her flashy lifestyle became a question of discussion.

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Not so long ago, was the fine babe accused of practicing witchcraft by her former co-wife, Aaliyah Zaheer, married to Kenyan business mogul and politician Zaheer Jhanda.

So now, a photo of her sitted and holding two chicken: one dark and one white, with her head and body covered in a strange piece of white clothing has gone viral, seemingly confirming the claims.

Amber Ray black magic?

A photo of the Kenyan socialite that has raised speculations of the mother actually using black magic to maintain herself.

Amber Ray responds

Well, engaging fans in an online Q&A recently, the lass was forced to come clean on the witchcraft allegations and how she sources her money.

Quite frank, a fan dared to ask: “why do you use witchcraft?”.

Socialite Amber Ray

With Amber Ray who seemed to be expecting the question admitting:

“I know it’s hard to believe this but I’ve never used witchcraft in my entire life…”

However, promised to tell her side of the the story when fans are ready to hear it as it is.

Amber Ray responds to witchcraft allegations

She went ahead to confirm she was dating, not one guy but several of them although failed to mention who. Clarifying that she and Otile, Vera Sidikas ex, are just friends doing business together.

Amber Ray was married as a second wife to tycoon and wealthy Kenyan politician Zaheer Jhanda for nearly 3 years siring a son, Gavin, before walking out after she could not keep up. She was then rumored to be dating Brown Mauzo, who is now getting cosy with Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika, Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo

The comment section showed dissatisfied fans who doubted her witchcraft story. With the big question being: “so how did she end up photographed with two chicken in hand and in such a strange place?”

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