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”Stop taking advantage of upcoming artists!” Ethics warned after stealing hit song ‘Soko’ from Sotic gang

January 29, 2020 at 14:26
”Stop taking advantage of upcoming artists!” Ethics warned after stealing hit song ‘Soko’ from Sotic gang

Ethic has lately been making headlines for all the wrong reasons! Just recently they were accused of promoting rape through their Tarimbo song; that left many feminists calling them out for the insensitive content!

Sesa song by Shay Diva featuring Ethic and Boondocks.

Ethic accused of stealing new song by Sotic gang

The song was pulled down from YouTube but later re-uploaded as reported by Ethic’s social media manager.

Anyway the boys are back with a new scandal involving upcoming group dubbed Sotic gang who are accusing them of stealing their song!

Screenshot conversation between Sotic gang and Swat from Ethic

They stole our song!

After dropping Soko which seems to be doing well on YouTube; word now has it that the song was originally recorded and produced by Sotic gang who have proof that Ethic almost borrowed everything from their song Isseti.

Sotic gang

The boys claim that Ethic did not just take lyrics out of Isseti but they used the same style used by Sotic gang. Ethic however added flavor with new beats thanks to their top producers; since Sotic gang could not afford a high budgeted studio as they are upcoming artists.

Sotic gang is now asking for justice to be served since upcoming artists are being exploited by other artists since they have no connections in the entertainment industry.

But seeing how our judiciary works after releasing Babu Owino who shot DJ Evolve; do you think Sotic Gang will get any justice in the entertainment scene? Let’s see!





  1. Hapo lima,lipa, ndio wameiba.As for the beat,sijui kama walilipia kusamble beat ya ngoma inaitwa vitu tight by high grade society.Let’s wait for the response from Ethic and High Grade Society

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