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Sure bet! Kwangwaru´s comeback ¨Magufuli¨ is breathtaking [video]

August 06, 2019 at 12:33
Sure bet! Kwangwaru´s comeback ¨Magufuli¨ is breathtaking [video]

It might have taken a whooping 16 months for anyone to get creative with the popular ´Kwangaru´ anthem but it was definitely worth the wait!

There was no better way for Wasafi´s Harmonize to have a replicate of the viral ´Kwangaru´ jam if not to praise his mother land.

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It is the birthplace of the popular song and remains his home for as long as he desires.

For the Kenyan land, it might have been considered ´immoral´ therefore strictly banned from being played by KFCB Boss, Ezekiel Mutua but its comeback is breathtaking.

Konde Boy has taken up the challenge and is back with a bang.


The song now dubbed ´Magufuli´ who is Tanzania´s president, takes up the very same music bed of ´Kwangwaru´ but with different lyrics on it.

´Magufuli´ is a praise song that hails the achievements of Tanzania´s president, John Pombe Magufuli during his reign as President.

Harmonize released the song´s video just Friday, the 2nd of August 2019 and it is already trending at number #7 on You Tube with well over 800,000 views as we speak.

Although WCB president, Diamond has rubbed shoulders with President John Magufuli about his kind of explicit music content, Harmonize is out to praise him for the achievements.

The original song ¨Kwangwaru¨ featured Diamond and Harmonize but this time, only Harmonize is in the song.

The now You Tube millionaire, speaks of the developments Magufuli has brought into the country right from free education, to improved infrastructure, not to forget the energy department.

From this, the bongo star assures his President that he is guaranteed of his vote come the 2020 elections.

The ´My Boo´ singer took to his Insta pages just prior to the release expressing:

Hebu Leo Tuzungumze Serious Kidogo Ndugu Zangu Hili Swala Linahusu Maendelea Ya Taifaletu Ambalo Manufaa Yake Ni Faida Kwa Vizazi Na Vizazi…!! Ukiwa Kama Mtanzania Wa Kawaida…!!!! Nikitugani Unachojivunia Katika Utendaji Wa Serikali Yetu Ya Awamu Ya (5) …??? Au Kitu Gani Ambacho Rais Wetu MHE. John Pombe Magufuli Amekifanya Ambacho Unatamani Siku Ukipata Nafasi Ya Kukutana Nae Umwambie Au Umpongeze…??????

Harmonize´s intent behind the song is to praise Magufuli for the good work he has done in Tanzania.

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Furthermore, he is not the first from the Wasafi family since Diamond is behind the ´Chama cha Mapinduzi´ party campaign song.

´Magufuli´ is definitely worth a listen and a watch. Check it out below.





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