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Swahili media personality, Rashid Abdalla speaks about fame on TV screens

April 30, 2019 at 10:55
Swahili media personality, Rashid Abdalla speaks about fame on TV screens

Swahili TV personality couple, Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan ever seem to have seamlessly hacked their professional lives behind the screens but that´s just not it.

Rashid Abdalla comes out to give tips of advice to upcoming media talents:

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Don´t go for fame.

Don´t fight for that title of the best artiste, fight to give people the best.

Let them decide if you´re the best.

According to him, Rashid and wife, Lulu Hassan just give their all and wait for the world to decide:

So to us, we´re not the best anchors in this world, we always try to give the best.

Its viewers who will decide who is the best.

He therefore insists, that the screens would not have one who seeks perfection stay up for long:

If you live with the mentality that you want to be the best, you´ll never be.

Give people good stuff and let them decide if you´re good or not.

His last words for the youthful and energetic talents are:

Do not join the media industry because you´ve heard there´s money or because you want to be famous.

Join because it´s your passion and try do your level best.

His marriage

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Rashid too shed light on their publicly perceived ¨perfect¨ marriage with Lulu:

Sisi tutatofautiana, tunajengana, tunarekebishiana lakini hatukosani.

Therefore, his words of advice to married couples are:

Katika mahusiano watu hutofautiana sio kukosana.

Mkikosana mpendane, mkitofautiana mjengane na mrekebishiane.





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