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“This man stood by me throughout during labor” Amina Mude adores hubby, Ben Kitili [video]

March 26, 2020 at 13:49
"This man stood by me throughout during labor" Amina Mude adores hubby, Ben Kitili [video]

Popular KTN political editor and senior anchor, Ben Kitili wears a different mask the minute he steps home. He is a devoted husband and a present father.

Many know him for the image he displays before the screens – a no-nonsense television news presenter who commands his space.

However, he changes tune when at home, where the heart of his family is.

KTN journalist, Ben Kitili

Judging by recent sentiments from his enticing wife, Amina Mude, a ‘selfless being’ would best describe the media firebrand.

In an emotional post online, Mrs Kitili took us back to mid-2019 when she was in labor and set to deliver their second child, a boy.


Sharing a video of the events that night, Amina Mude noted:

I was in labor for the better part of the day and night, this man right here was by my side throughout. He massaged my back, gave me water and encouraged me. He was so tired that night and so I requested him to go home to rest because I was just 2 cm dilated, but he chose to be by my side throughout.

Ben Kitili carrying his newborn son

Pretty exhausted and late in the night, Mr Kitili would still not give in to going home and have a rest.

He was going to stay by his wife’s side ‘for better and for worse’, in dark times and in light moments.

Amina Mude, hours to delivery, decided to capture the moment and live the memories in her daughter’s future – setting the bar for her on the kind of man she needs in her life.

I managed to ‘steal’ a video when he was taking a power nap so that I show my daughter what kind of a man she needs in her life. Her father has set a bar for her.

Amina Mude with daughter, Ruby

Clouded by emotions, Amina’s heartfelt message summed up:

Today I just want to thank God for my hubby. It’s not every day that we get to tell our loved ones how much we love them but when you can, please do. Life is short, appreciate your loved ones.

The couple are now proud parents to a daughter, Ruby Iman Nzembi Kitili and son, Roman Hami Kitili.

Ben Kitili with wife, Amina Mude and their two children





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