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Tupee Number! Men Flock Amber Ray’s DM To Offer Millions In Exchange For Her Hot Sister

June 15, 2021 at 08:54
Tupee Number! Men Flock Amber Ray's DM To Offer Millions In Exchange For Her Hot Sister

Amber Ray’s sister is giving Kenyan men sleepless nights after they learnt that she’s just as hot as Amber herself. The socialite’s sister, by the name Ellay Ray, has been turning heads with her exquisite looks. Unlike Amber Ray, Ellah is a low-key person; but is occasionally seen rolling with Amber. The two brown skin sisters’ curvy physique is one that any man would salivate for.

‘Through Pass’?

Amber Ray has now received different offers from her fans in exchange for her sister; which she seems willing to adhere to.

”Amber hook me up with your sister. I will reward you 3M. Sister yako ako 🔥🔥🔥. Thank you.”

Another one wrote to Amber saying;

Aaah forget common 3M. Mimi nitatoa 5M! Lazima pia mimi nichokeshe first wife hii Nairobi. Alaaa.”

Another one reacted saying;

”Ellah mimi niwachie tu for free nitalipa pole pole🤣🤣. You can’t put a price on her. She is worth more than all that.”

Amber Ray’s sister Ellah is yet to respond to the offers; but her demand is still high. On the other hand, Amber Ray is willing to give a ‘through pass’ to her male friends.




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