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Video: Kameno Goro stars in Ethic’s new song ‘Figa’, SWAT drops killer verse 

June 21, 2019 at 10:53
Video: Kameno Goro stars in Ethic's new song 'Figa', SWAT drops killer verse 

Ethic has done it again.

The group that has four members, Swat, Rekles, Zilla and Seska has released yet another banger called “Figa”. Figa has Kamene Goro as the video vixen and is the first song from the group since landing a deal from AI records.

The video was done by VJ One and features media personality Goro in the video dancing with the young kids who are taking over the music industry.


Speaking of their signing, Ethic’s manager, John Mbugua said, “We are thrilled to join AI Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, Africa, and look forward to making good music and putting Kenya on the global arena.

“It’s a great opportunity for us musically, as it gives us a leg-up in coming up with projects that will leverage our influence and appeal in crossing the borders with our music.”

Watch the video below:




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