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Videos: Diamond and Rayvanny bash Wasafi critics in new club banger ´Vumbi´

July 02, 2019 at 11:26
Videos: Diamond and Rayvanny bash Wasafi critics in new club banger ´Vumbi´

Wasafi artists, Diamond Platinumz and Rayvanny release ¨Vumbi¨ anthem that is already hitting the airwaves.

Vumbi´s official audio is out, posted just Monday evening, the 1st of July 2019.

The song´s audio has already attracted way over 370,000 views and 800 comments within an hour of publication.

¨Vumbi¨ is a banger that talks about always being ahead of your rival.

This is soon after Chibu dropped ¨Kanyaga¨ that speaks about stepping on those that bring nothing to the table.

Part of the song´s chorus ´timua vumbi´ is a loose translation of causing dust while engaging in a vigorous activity.

Vua shati ukisikia joto,

Timua Vumbi, Timua.

The two are hitting back at naysayers who do not seem pleased with Wasafi artists but it bothers them less because they are here to show them ´dust´ and leave them with flu as a result of the dust.

Tunawachafua, Vumbi.

Tunawapa mafua, Vumbi.

Vumbi, Timua Vumbi Timua.

Wanatukimbiza Wasafi eeh, wapo makundi makundi.

Lakini hawatupati eeh, tunawaachia Vumbi.

Timua Vumbi, Timua.

It will additionally prevent the critics from progress because until the ´dust´settles, their journey comes to a stand still.

¨Vumbi¨ is produced by S2Kizzy and Mixed By Lizer Classic.

The WCB king, Diamond seems to have decided to give fans a non-stop hit after another after many complained he is lagging behind in the music industry.

A blend from Rayvanny and Diamond is always an assured bet from fans because it never misses.

¨Tetema¨ anthem went viral soon after its release, used in a myriad of concepts across the globe and is currently at over 21 Million views on You Tube.

We definitely cannot wait for ¨Vumbi´s¨ video. It must be fire.





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