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Wait, what? Eric Omondi shocks many after revealing his initial weight before piling on the kilos

November 18, 2020 at 18:21
Wait, what? Eric Omondi shocks many after revealing his initial weight before piling on the kilos

Being in the public eye means that celebrities’ bodies are constantly scrutinized. The pressure for celebrities to stay thin and trim is relentless, leading many of them to battle with strict diets and daily demanding workouts with personal trainers.

But some for some like Eric Omondi, Njugush, and Desagu prefer gaining weight rather than lost it. Comedian Eric Omondi who has been on a serious journey of body building gave many a reason to talk after unveiling his new photos.

Judging from the posts shared on page we understand that it took Eric about 7 months to gain his current weight which is yet to be revealed. According to the guy, the Lato milk bosses challenged him to gain some weight; and just like that, he was able to transform his body from that of a skinny fella to body building one.

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Transformed Eric Omondi

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WE ARE JUST BEGINNING!!!! Hii ni Kindergarten ndio tumeanza. Did you know that the main component in muscle building is PROTEIN and the most natural of proteins is found in MILK!!!

Eric reveals initial weight

Remember back when fans and celebrities used to make fun of Eric Omondi’s body? Well, turns out that they had every reason to since he was actually less than 50kgs.

Yes, all that time we saw Eric Omondi on Tv and off TV, taking vacations, dating Chantal among other occasions; the father of one was actually weighing 48kgs. Yes 48kgs!

Before the weight gain

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He revealed this through his Instagram page where he wrote;

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So lato.milk gave me a challenge Seven months ago!!! I was only 48 KGs…Challenge was to build Mass and Muscles😊😎😎Challenge was accepted and the Journey is on!!! I am challenging myself to go further…

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