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Watch! Diamond´s mum and Tanasha Donna share warm embrace in viral video

August 14, 2019 at 11:40
Watch! Diamond´s mum and Tanasha Donna share warm embrace in viral video

Diamond´s mom, Bi Sandrah has time and again proven that Tanasha Donna is a perfect fit for her son.

Not just by going shopping together, sharing a birth date or even sharing meals together. Also in spending valuable moments together.

This time round, the aging mother has let his son free to make decisions and is not all about protecting his life choices.

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This she has demonstrating after a cuddly video between her and Tanasha emerged online and has since gone viral.

The two share a long, warm embrace together as they chuckle along.

Well, you can guess who took the shot, Tanasha´s sister-in-law, Esma Platnumz who can be heard conversing as she captures the moment.

Even though she seemed to struggle with the Swahili tongue, she gave her best shot, blushing and smiling shyly as she hugs her soon-to-be mum-in-law.

From her end, Sandra affectionately returns the gesture as she welcomed a heavily expectant Tanasha into her arms.

Diamond is away on his US tour but Tanasha decided to pay her Tanzanian in-laws a visit regardless of his absence. This best explains that Tanasha and her fiancé´s family are pretty close and feels free to hang out with them.

Tanasha is quickly taking over Zari´s Queendom, if she hasn´t already done so!


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A section of fans however believe this is just but a cycle that happens every time that Diamond gets a new ride.

Even Zari and her where the same it’s a cycle


Amebaki kupata south Sudan, Burundi,Rwanda Hutu anataka kuwa international baby daddy

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