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Wengi wanatamani bibi; Brown Mauzo in ‘Natamani’

August 14, 2019 at 09:04
Brown Mauzo back with a new jam; Natamani

Wengi wanatamani bibi kama yule by Brown Mauzo in Natamani. Brown Mauzo has started the month with a lot of energy with his new jam. The new single dubbed Natamani comes is a few days in the start of the month.

Natamani is a Swahili word meaning admiring. This jam talks about him admiring a certain wife and in between he talks about what his grandfather taught him. I wish he could live the talk. Always I have thought that this dude is love stricken and each day he proves me right.

To start with, Brown Mauzo is very talented and he just needs to put more energy in his work. His love for Swahili music is good for his coastal audience. Honestly I do not know why Kenyans don’t support this dude. From the looks and the great voice. Anyway people are mean.

Message in ‘Natamani’

In addition to the good voice, Brown Mauzo is also talented in writing. At times I wish that he changes his style of music. Natamani is great from the wording.

Brown Mauzo back with Natamani

Tukienda bafuni, mimi nitambeba mgongoni.. I hope you will not miss this line. He will carry her to the bathroom. Seems like this wife is suffering. Anyway this is daytime dreaming.

The song says that the wife who he is admiring is being tortured by the husband and all he has in his mind is how well he is going to treat her.

The song is full of emotions especially in between the stanzas. He is in love with someones wife. The audio is just great and the beats. Also, they bring out the mood of the song. There is one mistake towards the end where Brown Mauzo coughs, did the editor listen to that? Or am I very keen?

In conclusion, Natamani is worth your time. It is dope. Lastly, Brown Mauzo in Natamani gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the audio.




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