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“I went into postpartum depression” Singer Marya reveals as she celebrates her son’s 1st birthday

January 26, 2018 at 15:29
"I went into postpartum depression" Singer Marya reveals as she celebrates her son's 1st birthday

Singer Marya has opened up about a few things that the public never knew. In a new post shared on her Instagram page, the mum of 1 revealed how she struggled with her pregnancy.

Mark, Marya’s son

Marya says that when she went into labor, it got to a point where she could not breathe. However she delivered safely but after 3 months she went into postpartum. This explains why she has been missing in the entertainment industry.

The chokoza hitmaker opened about her struggles as she celebrated her son’s 1st birthday on 26th January. She wrote saying;

Marya looking different

Well, playing the role of a mother might actually be harder than many think. Looking at the new Marya and the lady from 2 years ago it’s easy to notice the changes but all in all she is now planning her comeback.

We may also not understand her struggles but she is definitely doing a great job in raising her baby boy.




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