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Weuh! Alikiba’s former side chick traumatizing fans with make-up free face

February 19, 2021 at 15:39
Weuh! Alikiba’s former side chick traumatizing fans with make-up free face

Women love filters….and I mean all women! There are those that enjoy the light edited photos; while others like, Diva The Bawse from Clouds FM who prefer going all out in terms of filtering photos.

Diva the boss

After years of making fans believe that she is a flawless light skinned lady; this unfortunately changed during one of her Instagram live sessions after the filter she picked refused to cooperate with the lighting.

Yes, it happens but judging from the screenshot shared from Diva The Bawses IG live; it’s only fair to say that women like her are the reason why men can never trust women who wear make up. This is because the ‘Diva’ we thought we knew looks nothing like the one exposed on her own instagram live.


Alikiba dissing Diva The Bawse – Kigagula

Well, not to trash the Clouds FM radio host; but fans now seem to understand why singer Alikiba went on to refer to her as Kigagula – which allegedly means ‘witch’ in Swahili slang.

Diva the Bawse photo emerges online

Kiba threw this painful word towards Ms Diva after she outed their secret relationship; forcing Ms Amina to walk out of her marriage. But looks like karma stepped in for Ms Amina Khaleef who was left embarrassed for her husband’s cheating ways.

check out the surprising photo below.

Diva the bawse with make up minus filter




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