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“Wewe ni hatareee” Wema Sepetu praises Harmonize!

October 31, 2019 at 11:31
“Wewe ni hatareee” Wema Sepetu praises Harmonize!

Actress Wema Sepetu is a huge fan of Harmonize and she is not going to hide her love for him either.

After leaving WCB, singer Harmonize has been putting in extra effort to ensure his career doesn’t fall back now that he is no longer working with Wasafi Records.



His exit from the WCB music label has however had its ups and downs as seen on social media. So far there are those fans who ditched Harmonize after he called it quits with Diamond Platnumz label – but also gained a new fan base now that he is independent.

Change for the better

Just recently while speaking on an interview with Clouds Media; Harmonize went on to reveal that his former label needed him to pay Ksh 22 million in order to get full rights of using the music he recorded under WCB.

He has however cleared most of the bill and is hoping to bounce back! Among those who have been showing their full support for Harmonize is Wema Sepetu who can’t help but praise him for the good work he has been putting out for the past few years.




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