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What is ‘Shado Mado’ about Willy Paul & Alaine

July 12, 2019 at 12:52
Willy paul Features Alaine in Shado mado

Willy Paul is back with Shado Mado. In this jam he has featured Jamaican finest queen Alaine. It comes a few days after he pulled a stunt on Instagram that Alaine had blocked him. If this is what it takes for one to get attention then so be it.

This is the second collabo between Willy Paul and Alaine. The first one was I Do two years ago. Is he even trying to come back to the gospel industry.

This guy has fooled many then. Shado Mado is a song that is talking of how God has taken care of him as from child birth. Shado Mado is like a dance that everyone should dance to. We should not be quick to judge man…

Shado Mado is a Saldido International presentation. I must say that this jam has the best vocals. Even if we keep blaming Willy Paul, it seems like he will keep surprising us day in day out.

Willy Paul and Alaine in their new jam Shado Mado


It iis always a great production. Willy Paul has not disappointed  in quality of his work. Shado Mado video is just awesome and it is of international standards. Graphics and Video are well taken care of. The audio is in sync with the beats.

The choice of costume and background is also good. What else could we be looking for?

Shado Mado is a song that will hit the airwaves for a long time. On this one we can argue and am sure I will win.

Message in ‘Shado Mado’

Like I said earlier, this jam is more of a gospel song. This is where Willy Paul began his journey before going into secular music. The jam is wow.. I know you understand what I mean. It talks of how blessings from God is the reaso he is where he is. When he says Everybody Shado Mado, it means that they all dance to the tune.

Welcome back Willy Pozee.. I rate the song at 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.






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