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Why comedian Njugush’s new gym workout photo is driving mafisilets crazy

September 22, 2020 at 15:13
Why comedian Njugush’s new gym workout photo is driving mafisilets crazy

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Popular comedy kid, Njugush has lit up the internet after a photo of him flexing his muscles saw his little man conspicuously pop out of his shorts, to the excitement of many.

Known for his reserved nature, baba Tugi was trying to flaunt the fruits of his new workout plan, only for his sleeveless shirt to parade all that was going on in his screaming yellow tight short.

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The thirst trap

Unfortunately, while trying his best to redirect fans to his joke about how Abel Mutua faked a groin injury for a whole month to avoid working out, his fans eyes betrayed them leading them in a different direction.

Comedian Blessed Njugush

The bulge came out too big, leaving fans guessing that that is what might have actually drawn his wife Wakavinye to his heart and nothing else.

Fans were left guilt tripping after their conscious could not stop haunting them for their misleading thoughts and corrupted minds.

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But since it was already pretty obvious the photo had not lied, fans took the opportunity to drool over what they could not have, throwing in sexxy comments and praising the young celebrity comedian for his natural abilities.

Njugush born Timothy Kimani

This is not the first time the comedian has treated online fans to such photos of himself, having paraded his manhood during their recent family staycation while wearing tight biker shorts that left little to imagination.

Meanwhile, his wife Celestine Ndinda tried her best to cover her nakedness with a long chiffon top while avoiding the camera lens.

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