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Why Juliani quit the gospel music industry!

June 12, 2020 at 08:45
Why Juliani quit the gospel music industry!

Singer Juliani has come out to tell his fans not to expect any new gospel music from him. This comes just a few weeks before he releases his fourth album as promised on his social media pages.

Having had a humble background, Juliani did not have it easy while growing up. He faced the rough side of life that inspired him to aim higher; and years later the singer is recognized as one of the most talented acts in the country.

Speaking recently during an interview, Juliani opened up revealing why he has not been releasing any new gospel music. Well according to him, this is because he has been focusing on social justice; a topic that many hustlers from the hood would relate with!


Juliani quits gospel music

He went on to add that he cannot pretend to be praising while people are dying of hunger; yet no one wants to address such matters. He went on to say;

I got saved in 2005 but sio ati mimi ni Mkirsto mzuri. I got involved with the community with Mau Mau and Kalamashaka then I started doing music.

Life in the hood

He went on to add that having grown up in the hood; he has enough issues which he can help address through his music. He went on to say;

I come from the hood and you can’t talk about what you don’t know. Even if I’m to sing gospel songs, I can’t sing praise and worship while I see people go hungry.


For him, what matters most is making changes in the society as he understands the issues most people in the ghetto go through. In conclusion the father of one adorable baby girl said;

You have to talk about what you are going through and your interpretation of life at that particular time. So it was easier for me that way.


Also, because of my background with Mau Mau and K-Shaka, I couldn’t just talk about one thing and not document what’s happening at that particular time in my life and the people around me.





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