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Why Kenyan Musicians are no longer doing patriotic songs

July 25, 2019 at 20:44
Eric Wainaina

Years back you would be jamming to five or more patriotic songs that would give you a sense of belonging without question.

However, for a few years now it’s clear that Kenyan artists are no longer doing  patriotic songs. Why? I believe Kenyans are frustrated.

Musicians like Juliani and Eric Wainaina have been on the fore front when it comes to this kind of music.

But as the Wamlambez regime took over the Kenyan airwaves,the patriotic songs were totally ignored. Why?

Bad Politics

In my opinion I believe it is because of the bad political situation that we are facing as a nation.

But again, this should not be factor that cripples our sense of patriotism as a nation.

Far, from just being a source of entertainment music can be used to bring us together with little consideration to ethnicity.

A situation that is slowly eating us up as a nation.

Anyway my point is when Sauti Sold said “Tuko pabaya Leo kuliko jana” in their song of Tujiangalie, they were right.

I mean look at the economic state that Kenya has plunged itself in.

If only Kenyan musicians took the initiative to  do more music on patriotism like before I believe our state of helplessness would be lesser.

This would sooth the negative energy that many carry around.

Recently celebrated dancehall Gospel artists Gurdian Angel did a patriotic song  in partnership with Permanent Presidential Music Commission that clearly resonates with every Kenyan.

However to date the views to the song stand at 63k views, this is sad. What do we want?

Are our Kenyan artists now afraid to articulate the state of the nation?

Our Hope

If only the likes of Juliani  and Eric Wainaina would come back to music scene then some Kenyans will get that little glimmer of hope in our country.


A hope of one day being a nation that is  scandal free or corruption free and leaders will finally provide the servant kind of leadership.

Then just maybe our musicians will be inspired to create patriotic music instead of hiding in the Wamlambez cocoon.






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