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Why most young men are dating and settling down with older women

August 14, 2020 at 21:03
Why most young men are dating and settling down with older women

It is no secret that men also like to enjoy some pampering here and there once in a while! However problem comes in when they date slay queens who are not ready to settle down or start a family!

Yes this somehow pushes the young men to settle for older women are not indecisive or stubborn – but mature, intelligent and more experienced! Anyway, below are a few reasons explaining why most young men from this generation tend to look for older women.


Judging from the number of years they have been alive; you find older women love a bit more passionately and tend to understand more during misunderstandings. With years of experience you find that they tend to love deeper hence making their young partners feel valued!

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Unlike young women who are still struggling with school or just life; Older women are more focused as they already know what they want in life. They are not only good at their jobs, businesses but also know how to keep their young men in check – hence passing down the knowledge.

Straight forward

Dating an older woman definitely means one will know where the relationship is headed. This means one gets to know where the relationship is headed from the word go; and that is if it is passing time or serious business!

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Another thing that pushes young men to older women is stability! In this case you’ll find younger men eyeing older women with money for financial support. Yes, as it wrong it sounds – it happens!

Mature conversations

The older a person becomes, the smarter and intelligent they also get. Therefore it is no secret that older women are wiser and are less dramatic. And of course there is nothing sexier than holding a mature conversation compared to putting up with drama everyday!

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Good in bed!

If a 27 year old dates a 47 year old then it means the older partner may have a 17 to 20 year experience in sex! Well how will a young lady compete with that?




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