“We will give Ndeti a job if she is interested” says Alfred Mutua

August 11, 2017 at 11:13
"We will give Ndeti a job if she is interested" says Alfred Mutua

The 2017 general elections in Kenya have not been easy. There are those who lost and conceded defeat but also some like Wavinya Ndenti who are still not contended with the results released by the IEBC.

As announced, the race for the Machakos gubernatorial seat was won by governor Alfred Mutua and it appears that he has already started to celebrate his victory.

For him, the people of Machakos believed in his work and for this reason they decided to elect him back despite Kalonzo’s endorsing Wavinya for the race, aiming to remove him from power since he is afraid of what many happen in 2022 now that Alfred Mutuma has presidential ambitions.

Speaking during an interview Mutuma;

“This victory is special because this competition was not between me and honorable Wavinya Ndeti. Rather, it was between me and Mheshimiwa Kalonzo Musyoka,”

He went on to add;

“Mheshimiwa Kalonzo Musyoka put together all his arsenal and it was not about Wavinya Ndeti; it was about removing Mutua because Mutua was changing the way politics is run in this region of Ukambani that has suffered for many years.”

In conclusion the Governor of Machakos county said;

“We will give Ndeti a job if she is interested. Sina roho ya chuki, nina mapenzi tu katika roho yangu (There is no hate in my heart…there is only love),”

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